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06 May 2009 @ 01:36 pm

18 March 2008 @ 12:51 pm
I consider myself a conservative, and I have liked McCain since 2000, when he ran against Bush in the primaries, but Barack Obama is very, very hard to dislike. His speech today--in response to revelations of controversial statements made by Rev. Jeremiah Wright, his "spiritual advisor"--was, I thought, exactly what it should be.

The full transcript of the Mar 18 speechCollapse )
07 November 2007 @ 12:32 am
choppy recording of dog the bounty hunter

i've spent so much time in damn racism discussion forums that i can't even muster an opinion for this one right now

this was like the fourth time in my life i've ever actually watched hannity and colmes, and that was their story.

if you're watching the clip, give this a shot: http://i-dreamed-i-was.livejournal.com/6105.html

(somebody hook me up with a graphic, better footage, anything)
07 June 2007 @ 12:38 pm

Can someone put away they beliefs/ideals to do the job correctly?

And if so, are they really beliefs/ideals if you do not uphold them at all times?

Should this person be allowed to become surgeon general or even be considered, whether or not he compromises his "ethics"?

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05 June 2007 @ 07:15 pm

Since no one is posting, I'll post this remotely related article. It's really hard these days to tell two people apart :|
17 April 2007 @ 12:40 am
I am in a traveling play about the death penalty (and other things). One of the stops was a Noi community center.

The play has a multiethnic (black and white), and the play also had a theme about racial unity. The people there seemed very open to the play and they didn't seem to treat the white people any different than the black people in the play. At the end they gave the cast a standing ovation.

I am mostly posting this because when people post on here about the NOI, it's always negative and they view them as racists.

After actually being in contact with them in mixed company, I find it really hard to see them as racists.

Does any one who post negatively/pro about them have any first hand views of them?
16 April 2007 @ 02:25 pm
Are white people allowed to watch the Boondocks on cartoon network? (this is the non-serious part)

I had no idea this was a show because I only remember seeing the comic strip. But every episode is like hilarious while at the same time making social commentary. My only problem with the show is that it's only on saturdays late night.
12 April 2007 @ 11:36 pm
As far as Al Sharpton calling for his resignation, click here

As far As Jesse Jackson condemning Imus for using hurtful words click here

Now..if that ain't the pot calling the kettle black, then you can call me Rosco Brown.
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06 April 2007 @ 05:08 pm
21 March 2007 @ 11:08 pm

Not posting this because of a black on white hate crime. I'm posting this because 2 women tackled this guy.